A Brief resume of Maidstone Schools and Colleges

A government inquiry in the early 19th Century revealed that there were thirteen schools in the town of which most were very poor quality.

Of all the schools in all the world why?

St. Francis School

Well for me there was only one choice. My Grandfather being Italian and a staunch Catholic, it was inevitable that all the off-spring of his off-spring would start if not finish their education in Catholic surroundings. St Francis was his choice

There were many schools in and around Maidstone many grandly called secondary schools (I think a phrase from the beginnings of political correctness).

The lucky few in my estimation would pass the 11 plus and go on to either Maidstone Grammar School or the Technical School. I think most schools of this time were single sex, although St. Francis was both boys and girls.

Maidstone Technical College

The second part of my education was at the Maidstone Technical College The College included courses in business studies, engineering, building and also the all round education of police and fire cadets (I think this is a thing of the past). These cadets were always immaculately dressed in the uniform of their calling and I remember them wearing white cotton gloves, very smart.

Maidstone Grammar School

Maidstone Grammar opened in 1549; some of its well known students include James Burke the presenter (who I attended judo with) and Lord Beeching who closed many of the smaller railway stations.

St Paul's


Maidstone I remember it well: I started school on 5th April 1947 at St.Paul's Infants School. It was a grey stone Victorian building next to St. Paul's Church, in Fisher Street. The main hall was divided into three by curtains, and three classes were taught in it at once. There was an ancient green stove at the end of each section (by the teacher's desk!!) but I don't remember any more heating than that. When you started you were known as the "Babies" class, and much derided by the pupils of the loftier ages of 6 plus!! We learned our letters by writing them on sand trays, then shaking the sand to make a clean surface for the next letter. (No-one believes me when I tell them this, but it's true!!) The toilets defied description, and the staff toilet was at the end of the row of pupil's toilets. so the staff must have suffered as well!! Friday was Toy Day, when you could take one of your own toys to school, or play with the very motley collection the school had. There was a maypole in the hall in a corner, but it was never used when I was there. We were sometimes given a sweet for good answers, which during sweet rationing was a real treat. Bad behaviour in the Babies class was rewarded by being "Put to bed" on a camp bed in front of the whole class, a shaming experience! I left there at 6 to go to North Borough, which was much more modern, and the work harder. Victorian conditions seemed to affect the atmosphere, but I am glad I had such a good grounding in how to behave at school.

West Borough


Maidstone I remember it well: Maidstone I remember it well! Went to West Borough secondary school, left at 15 and went to work as a shop-assistant at Featherstones Department Store in Earl Street. Tried but failed to learn to swim in Maidstone swimming baths. Went roller skating in the Corn Exchange and to the pictures in the cinema at the bottom of Gabrials Hill- I think it was called the Ritz. Happy memories!


Maidstone I remember it well: I started at Westborough Secondary school in 1953 having spent my junior years at Nettlestead Church of England school. It was a bit of a shock after being in such a small school but remember it as a very happy time. Mr Diamond was head master and although a strict disciplinarian he was a very nice man. Half of our lessons were taken at Oakwood House which we thought was great as it meant a nice walk from the main school, in all weathers I might add! If our last lesson of the day was at Oakwood we would walk down the drive to the main road to catch our bus home. Where we waited for the bus there was a bakery and the wonderful smell of freshly bake bread was a torture when you were starving hungry and ready for your tea. I can still smell that bread now! Are there any photographs of Westborough Secondary School before it was destroyed, it was a truly wonderful school.

John G

Maidstone I remember it well: I went to Westborough Secondary School from 1964 to 1968 when I left to join Hammond Rentals a TV rental shop at 3 Mill Street Maidstone (later to become Southern Rentals. I was an apprentice engineer spending one day a week at Maidstone College of Technology in the Tonbridge Road. My Dad worked at the Gas works in St Peter Street where he was the maintenance fitter until it closed down when North Sea gas arrived. As the apprentice I was sent out every morning by Bill Pool my boss for sausage sarnies from the cafe at the end of Mill St (still a cafe today). The trolley bus was still around running from Barming Bull to Shepway and Ringleston. 1968 saw the floods show on this site and one evening I was on the last buss to get over the bridge (only one bridge in those days). When at Westborough School Mr Diamond was headmaster and Mr Sherman deputy, Mr Sherman was more frightening. Yes there was discipline in school then. Cinemas were the ABC in King St 9now the entrance to the Chequers centre) and the Granada in Stone Street.


Country: Australia Maidstone I remember it well: i went to west borough primary and junior from 1955, i remember it WELL> mrs Flauve? pronounced floyf. mrs cross mr jolly miss drayton mr smith mr diamond. we had 4 teams in sport boxley (red) detling (yellow) charing (green and Wrotham Blue.

we went by bus to swim in the pool next to the fremlins brewery. i used to get sandwiched at the shop for the teachers at lunch (they didnt like school diners and there was a fruit machine in it. we had enormous playing fields for soccer and cricket and we played ?stool ball. i pushed valerie drury in the pond in the the nature walk area and i remember the day we watched oakwood hospital tower burn down.


Country: Australia Maidstone I remember it well: we had two resident bands at the maidstone grammar school the ventures and i think the jaguars ...once they did a joint performance and 6 guitars let rip loosening the stain glass war memorial windows and upsetting the head master whose name i will remember later


Country: Australia Maidstone I remember it well: mgs headmaster was Mr Claydon,.deputy Mr Rylands ,lower school Mr Newcombe

phillip wood

Maidstone I remember it well: I remember my school days at st francis vividly 1946/1956 Miss Stroud in the first year Miss Cokley 2nd year last i heard she is still alive in her late 90`s still does her shopping at Sainsbury`s maidstone very strict would rap your knuckles with the sharp side of the ruler.Mr Mc partland not sure about the spelling was the headmaster many times i got cane from him bits of the cane would fly everwhere,i most remember Harry O`Donnell he was not a very big person in size but i have never forgotten him he died just over a year ago.

Yes I remember them all very well and Miss Lenten and Mrs Nolan. PC

phillip Wood

Maidstone I remember it well: back to st francis school again and harry o donnell one day we came nose to nose in the playground can`t remember what i had done and he said if i thought i was big enough we could go round to the pit and sort it out man to boy respect eas instantly given to him.he was my godfather at my confirmation i was the only boy who was dressed all in white my mother did it specially for me.

phillip Wood

Maidstone I remember it well: I remember german prisoners of war knocking the air raid shelters down in st francis playground and one gave me an eagle carved in wood which i liked very much i couldn`t grasp school work i was hopeless but harry would give me other work stoking the boiler when mr skinner was off sick health and safety ? i also made the cabinet that displayed the cups and shields on the top floor.

You could hear Mr. Skinner coming a mile off his chest rattled so badly in my time. PC

phillip Wood

Maidstone I remember it well: st francis the boys used to walk huntsman lane to the horsa( spelling ) huts for woodwork and the girls went for cookery we also went to some fields at buckland hill for football and sports days register in the morning your name was called you said here sir one day i said here harry wallop!!!!!

I can remember walking from St. Francis to the Buckland Hill sports field over the bridge, it always scared the day-lights out of me. PC


Maidstone I remember it well: Great site! Brings a smile through dim memories of old people, places & times. I attended Vinters Boys` Secondary School 63-68 & my lasting memory was of the Head, Alf Read, was punched by a pupil & soon after tiny pieces of his broken spectacles were being sold amongst the pupils (a long-term investment?) I remember the Wesley youthclub where I learnt of a new phenomenon called a `French`kiss....yeeuk. Arthur Brown played there & did his crazy "Fire"- spectacular!...especially with the drummer spraying lighter fuel on his symbols & igniting it. Arthur Brown is still going, not quite so ablaze now...I saw him recently & he stops his gig halfway through, saying he needs a little lie down.

Rene Newman

Country: New Zealand Maidstone I remember it well: I learned from Philip the name of the teacher who enjoyed wielding the ruler edge across my fingers 79 years ago. I took action by running away several times, Mr Naylor a kind neigbour gave me a penny to get home, he worked in a bicyle shop. Halfords? nearby. I soon found myself learning at Tovil infants where kindly Miss Brittain? was the head. Enjoyed it there before I went to South Borough with mostly great teachers for the times. At least I have some good memories of it. Cheers.

Trish (Patricia) Roberts (Walters)

Maidstone I remember it well: I would love to know when the photo of Miss Lenten's class was taken. It looks very much like me, sitting at the little table. I can remember the cloakroom at the entrance of the classroom, and the sandpit and milk crate in the classroom. I also remember having to go up to Miss Lenten's table, one by one, to read a sentence from Janet and John. Miss Lenten was one of the kinder teachers. The one who hit me on the knuckles with her ruler for biting my nails was a tyrant. Was it Miss Nolan?

Next up from Miss Lenten was Miss Stroud then Miss Coackly (sorry about the spelling) then Mrs. Nolan. It was Miss Stroud that smacked my head on the desk because I couldn't read fast enough. Miss Coakly caned me for not understanding latin and Mrs Nolan picked me up by my hair because I wasn't singing loud enough. In answer to your question it could have been any one of them they were all pretty handy in dishing it out.

Andrew Avenell

Maidstone I remember it well: I have also like others that have posted messages have got alot of great memories of Maidstone and of Allington Park where I lived in Trevor drive and of the school Brunswick house from 1963-1966. Remember the Headmistress Mrs.Foster who used to live up on the London Road in a white house that over looked the school playing field and Mr.Impy who was my last form teacher.As a young lad of 11yrs back then I was heart broken at having to leave my friends as my parents sold up and moved to Woodley just out side Reading to be near my older Sister.Joined Frends Re-United in hope of making contact with those I went to school with and some of my old friends from the Allington Park estate. Have made contact with others from those days and Iam still hoping to make contact with others from that period via that web site it takes time if any one stumbles across this site like I have this morning and remembers Brunswick house join Friends Re-United you never no what will turn up unless you try. Andrew Avenell

I hope you find your old mates Andrew, thanks for stopping by

Doug Lindsay

Maidstone I remember it well: I went to Maidstone Grammar School 1953-1958 when 'Wacky' Claydon was the Head Master. My Cousin and Uncle went there before and during the War also. From a village primary school at Sutton Valence where I attended it was quite a life changing experience going to the Grammar on the first day!! I recall as I went through the gate on that first morning a boy who would have been about 12 or 13 came running out screaming with a dart stuck in his knee!!! I thought wow, is this what it is like!!! It was so, so different to primary school, the ethos of Maidstone Grammer was to 'train' pupils for life at University, and it was hard in those days, We had preafects who were allowed to slipper boys, the teachers were allowed to cane boys as well, also preafects were allowed to have 'fags' as they were called, boys who had to clean their kit and tidy their room etc, all so much like the life in Uni then. We had a mad woodwork teacher, 'Nogger' Knight, who was a sadist I'm sure, he used to hit us with a three foot steel rule!! He was also an officer in the CCF, the Combined Cadet Force we had at school, which was mandatory unless you could prove you were a concientious objector!!! I was in the Army Cadets, there was an Air Force section too. They even had a glider which they used to 'fly' across the playing field powere by long elastic ropes which made it fly for about 400 yards! In my middle year there, the Upper Fourths, 1955, I was at my naughtiest...I kept a record of punishments in my journal, I had 49 sides of writing, over 1000 lines and some 24 hours of detention, and the detenton was Saturday mornings too!!! Can't imagine any of that taking place these days!! Anyone else there at the same time?

Doug Lindsay

Maidstone I remember it well: Just loved Max from Canada's memories. I, too, was one of the MGS boys who used to buy 3d worth of chips in 'Smiffeys' chip shop in Stone Street, he knew the form that we weren't allowed to eat in the street in uniform and would wrap them in newspaper, tear a hole in the top, and we would put them in our satchels and eat them from there so as not to get caught!! The most embarrassing thing was the need to wear our school caps, even at weekends in term time, punishable by the cane if we didn't obey!!! I recall having dates at the pictures with the girls from the Girls Grammar or Girls Tech and having to wera a cap!!!! How embarrassing was that!! Then there was the end of school ritual when we finally left, that of casting your cap and tie into the river, I recall soaking them in lighter fuel and igniting them before dropping them off the bridge then crossing to see them floating off towards Allington with much cheering, I believe we had girls from the Tech doing the same thing too. Ah, the joys of Maidstone Grammar School rules!!! That was another regular punishment, having to write out the School Rules in longhand, once or even twice and handing it in the next day as an alternative to 'lines'.

Chris Lovelidge

Country: Canada Maidstone I remember it well: I was at Westborough from 1952 to 1958 I rose to the dizzy heights of Prefect and Captain of Livingstone house. I missed out on Head Boy because I tended to be a "rebel" I never did like discipline. I was one of the few who received a caning from Mr. Diamond for throwing snowballs. Now he would be in court for child abuse. For all those others who were at Westborough there is a very good web site where you can reconnect with others. It is called Friends Reunited and there is a Westborough County Secondary School page. I have hooked up with five others in my last year, it is great fun.

Chris Lovelidge

Country: Canada Maidstone I remember it well: That piece about Mrs. Foster and Brunswick House reminded me that Mrs. Foster was headmistress of a small school in a church called St. Nicholas on Poplar Grove. I also remember the parade that started in town and went up the London Road and ended at the old Maistone United football grounds. Very near the Grammar School for Girls and opposite Fanum House the AA headquarters for Kent. They stopped the parade around 1958 or so.

patricia giles(small)

Maidstone I remember it well: I went to eastborough then vinters girls.does anyone remember miss dowding.I was terrified of her(the science teacher)She hit me round the head because I couldnt spell mammals!The highlight of the week was when we went to the boys school to do cooking.I use to hate running to the field for games.The last year I was there me and chris snoad use to stay behind in the cloak room at school and wait for everyone to go running then we went round to her house in Brewer Street!

joy dodd ne' brown

Maidstone I remember it well: i was brought up in grecian street. went to st, paul's school. fell down the toilet on my first day there.

joy dodd ne' brown

Maidstone I remember it well: i also went to vinters park mr grey springs to mind and looking through smoky glass at the eclipse on a dinner time . would'nt be alowed to day . A.

Alan Eberlein

Country: New Zealand Maidstone I remember it well: I went to eastborough primary then vinters boys, I lived in Holland Road. When I left school I worked at Modern Press, Tovil. Penenden heath was my favourite play place as a kid.In the woods there used to be lots of bluebells.

First Name: Patrick (Paddy) Barden

Country: Australia Maidstone I remember it well: It was strange to read those few letters about St Francis,I was there from 1948-58 and I remember Miss Stroud and Miss Coakly,there was also another very strict male teacher;can't think of his name,but bit of a bully.I also remember Harry McDonald, Mr.Mead,Mr MacFarland was the Head Teacher,whom I did have to visit now and again.Although St,Francis was a strict school I did enjoy myself there including the singing in the hall every morning.

Barry Newman

Maidstone I remember it well: As Doug Lindsay mentioned, that b*****d Nogger Knight was a real sadist at MGS, I was there a few years after you Doug and he whacked me for no reason with a pole of some sort. Thankfully scum like this have mostly been eradicated from the education system in most civilised countries. I remember the glider too, all ready for the next war.

Janice (Small fry)

Maidstone I remember it well: I went to Eastborough and then to Vinters Girls. Yes, I remember Miss Dowding. She was nice to our class. In fact, we were the last class to be taught by her before she retired. I think she emigrated to Australia. She said we were the best class she had ever taught (1978). Does anyone remember Mrs. Hart the PE teacher. She tried teaching me 'dance' but I couldn't get the hang of it and she called me 'the scattiest girl in the world'. She was angry when she said it and I have never forgotten her words. I used to drive by her house in Tudor Avenue and think about telling her how she should choose her words carefully before humiliating impressionable, young girls. Anyway, I went on to dance in various productions and even did my own choreography. Having said all that, I did absolutely love being a pupil at Vinters Girls.

debbie codling

Maidstone I remember it well: Dodgy Trinity disco, club musique, skipping school to drink beer by the archibishops palace near the rope swing, the tramps at brenchley gardens, the mummy in the museum, the tuesday market, bohemian rhapsody at the albion, the tower room at vinters girls, (miss martin and miss blake lol) penenden heath cafeteria on sunny days, brownies at heathorn street and the women only zone at brewer street wmc lol

Alan Coulson

Country: Canada Maidstone I remember it well: .. and will be visiting Maidstone in May 2009. Attended MGS in the late 60's. Well remember Tish Stewart (sad that he passed away so young); cross country runs through Mote Park - how I hated them. 34 years later - it's still the place I was born in and the place where I went to High School. Many happy memories.

jerry pinner

Maidstone I remember it well: We moved to Aylesford in 1965 and I went to MGS . Most of my memories of the school are not happy ; Nogger Knight was still there then and shouldn't have been allowed near children - he was a deeply unpleasant piece of work . In fact , I recall very few teachers from that era that had even the faintest clue about the art of teaching . One exception was "Willie" Fawcett who inspired me take ip drawing and painting ; another was my form master , "Killer " Kemp , a true gentleman of the old school. I was in the RAF section of the CCF ; it wasn't compulsory to join , but the alternative was circuit training on the playing field . I remember the glider being flown into the plate glass window of Willie's new art room .The place was a hellhole and , thanfully , my family moved away in 1968 , saving me from the failure that would surely have followed had I stayed !

Peter Attrill

Country: Australia Maidstone I remember it well: I lived in eastborough during the 1950s attended East Borough Junior and Vinters Secondary. I'm looking for my mates,Pughy,Oakley, and Baker. My two nemesis were the headmasters Harris and later, Reid (the weed), bullies both. Most teachers were ok, one or two were full of themselves, but school was mainly pretty good, thanks to my mates.

David Bird

Country: Australia Maidstone I remember it well: Reading the clips above brings back many memories, West Boro' School, Mr Diamond,a stricked but fair man and Oakwood,can't think of the little short teacher we had then at Oakwood, a group of us walked from home (Hart Street to West Boro' to save the bus fare (1 1/2 Pennies each way ) so we could purchase goodies from the shop opposite the school, we had two bakeries, one at the bus depot, and one down further Pococks I think, I understand West Boro' School is no more, when I left I went to work at Hanwell Optical works along with other school mates the left for the Railway as the pay was a few shillings more, at the Optical Works our bosses were always call by the first letter of the surname I.e Mr "H" was one, are such were those days, David Bird Queensland

Tony Smith

Maidstone I remember it well: Going to All Saints school in 1957/1958 and then moving away from Maidstone to return for my first experience of working life at Sharps Toffee in 1965. Remember in 1958 singing the Maidstone Grenadiers song - we're one for all and all for one we're the Maidstone Grenadiers. Mid sixties the Milk Bar adjacent to the Granada (was it called Pauls?) many a good evening there. Whenever I visit now Week Street and Gabriels Hill have lost the buzz of the sixties - does anybody remember that state of the art David Greig grocery store in Week Street? what is it now? Remember also Sharps Christmas do's at the Star Ballroom in Pudding Lane - if my memory is correct the towns first Chinese Restraunt in " middle row" behind Bank St owned or managed by "Barney" all good memories thanks for bringing them back - many good friends long lost touch with - a byegone era I fear.

Lesley Shaffer

Country: United States Maidstone I remember it well: Although I went to the girls "tech" I remember the Tynon bros Barry and Tony from st Francis & John Ring, very well, the bros lived in West Malling. Someone mentioned Miss Amy Thomas the head mistress, we were all petrified of her, I can still hear her hour long lectures, and see her false teeth fly out of her mouth, as they did on more than one occasion. No wonder the drop out rate was so high in the 50's, and it was never questioned. Miss Reynolds took me under her wing and saved my self esteem, I will always be grateful. I went to college in the states what a difference! Iwas in the U.K. two weeks ago, and still love Maidstone.

Hi did you know my sister-in-law Joyce Martin.

Les Huggins

Maidstone I remember it well: I have vivid memories of Maidstone and a powerful memory on the years that I lived there between 1946-1965.

I went first to St Pauls Infants in 1951. The teacher of the "babies class" was Miss Yates. There was also a Mrs Sutton, Mrs Primovaisie, Miss Arlen, Miss Dove and the Headmistress was Mrs Marshall. The caretaker at the time was a Mr Axten. He used to fill the stoves with coke, splash Jeyes fluid around the toilets and generally clean up after everyone.

If you were good you went to the office and were given a sweet.

The year 1951 saw the first intake of the baby-boomers (the glut of children born in 1946) and classes were usually large.

I went on to North Borough Primary School in 1953 and my first teacher was Mrs Reeves. The headteacher was Wilf Hopkins who was passionate about Music, Dancing and Art.

Between 1953-57 I remember the following teachers: Mr Jones, Mr Smith, Miss Bonham, Mrs Dearlove, Miss Heron, Mrs Head, Mrs Fryer, Miss Rootes, Miss Norman,Mr Clay, Mrs Burton,Miss Sparrow,Mr Wraight, Mr Mac Farland. The school secretary was Mrs Palmer and the school caretaker was Mr Bricknall who lived in the house in the school grounds. Most of the children came from Ringlestone, Penenden Heath and the area between Peel Street, Gladstone Road, Boxley Road and Scott Street.

I went to Vinters Secondary from 1957-1961. The headteacher was Alf Read.

Some of the teachers I remember from those years are: Mr Johnson, Mr Kirby, Mr Picksten, "Pop" Graham (later mayor of Maidstone), Mr Barnes, Mr Jackson, Mr Huggins, Mr Mackay, "Bongo" Herbert, Mr Sheldon, Mr Hill, Mr Dearn, Mr Lewer, Mr Harvey, Mr Thomas, Mr Kirby, Mr Mayell,Mr McDowell, Mrs Woodford, Mr Edwards. They all had their nicknames!!

dawn wells

Maidstone I remember it well: bogie green uniform, yes that was the grottyist colour a school could have chosen for its uniform. good old vinters girls. the head was a dyke, miss austin, who we were convinced was having it away with miss brett, who did not look good in her tracksuit bottoms, does my bum look big in this.... sure does. miss dowding, what an old bag. mrs hart the p.e. teacher had it in for me, so another old bag. school discos wre brill at the pitch black. the school dinners were lush, gypsy tart yum yum, chocolate semolina and shaving foam. mm mm mm. apart from that i hated school, teachers were bullies and i loved every moment when i scived off school and dossed down stoneborough all day. ive never worn bottle green since. xxxx

You didn't like it much did you Dawn


Maidstone I remember it well: I was at All Saints from 1952 until 1958 then on to mgsb Mr Parslow was headmaster other teachers I can recall were Mr Owen ,Mrs Judges,Mrs Andrews and Mrs Fittle ,it really was the perfect school ,we had our cricket matches at Collis field which was at the top of Hastings road.

Roger B

Maidstone I remember it well: especially my first school some sixty three years ago,St.Philips on Upper Stone Street, all lady teachers,all Misses or that is what we had to call them. A memorable few, Miss Brooker headmistress, Miss Mercer my teacher who played the piano at morning prayers, Miss Beynon a wonderful caring person ( married to "Basher" who taught metalwork at South Borough Boys, my next school, and who lived up to his nickname....daily )

Later I went to South Borough and have vivid memories of the masters and their various methods of punishment. Who remembers these men and their own special ways of peacekeeping and their nicknames?

I was granted a scholarship to Maidstone Boys Grammar but unfortunately was not selected. I wonder if it had anything to do with my address. At the interview I was asked about my home which was 135/141 Upper Stone Street or better known as Smiffs Fish Shop.My Grandfather and uncle were both Bill Smith and our shop was out of bounds to the Grammar pupils.

I have always wondered whether this had any bearing on my non selection?

By the way Barney owned the Chequers Chinese Restaurant in Bank Street wich was the second to be opened after Yuet Yang in The High Street.

So who owned the MGC Roger

Christine Tyler

Maidstone I remember it well: I taught at Southborough Girls School on the Loose Road from 1969 until 1988. If there are any old girls still in Maidstone, I would very much like to hear from them.

Have a look at the re-union page Christine as well

clare king

Maidstone I remember it well: my first secondary school was south borough school for girls from 1976/1978,head mistress at the time was miss chadwick, hated her what a witch she was always had it in for me and a couple of friends. sylvia turgoose was one of them, she got some stick with that name to and tracy scott. hope you see this one day and remember what fun we had.in 1978 my mum moved house so i had to change schools, wasn't happy about that but glad to be away from that chadwick woman. my next school was vinters school for girls. i also hated the bogey green uniform,but we got to wear black in our last year so that wasn't to bad. i also rememember miss dyke and miss brett they were a coule of old ladys and i also think they were having it off we all used to say it, miss brett died in my 4th year but no comment on that. i lived in wyatt st right outside the school so did run home and skive alot,it was handy living so near,been trying to find sophie armstrong /mandie savage/jackie nunn.has any one else heard of them.we had loads of fun at school,vinters boys was down the road so we loved going to the playing fields for p.e. wouldnt go back and do it again tho.

robert allen

Maidstone I remember it well: all saints school in 1948 had a teacher there named Mr SAMSON and if was alive today he would be in jail. my sister and I are living proof of what he did to little boys and girls for at least 4 years. under his desk and also with his cane !!!.


Maidstone I remember it well: Another famous former pupil of Maidstone Grammar School is Frank Sando.He ran in two Olympic Games:Helsinki 1952 and Melbourne 1956.At Helsinki he finished 5th in the 10,000 metres after losing one shoe on the first of 25 laps and running the rest of the race with only one shoe!

First Name: mike Last Name: matthews E-mail Address: mikejmatthews@btinternet.com Country: United Kingdom Maidstone I remember it well: St Francis of Assisi. I was there from 1952-1962 starting in Miss Strouds class, austere at best as I remember. Harry O I remember very well, funny how some people seem to stick in the memory. One occasion in the `huts` at vinters a few of us lads were throwing chalk at each other in the classroom with me keeping lookout, waiting for him to arrive and start the lesson. On sighting him striding down the path towards our class I shouted "here comes Harry!" on entering the classroom which by then was quiet and ordered, he said in his usual firm pointed manner, "i`m only called Harry by my friends and i dont recall having any among you lot". On his asking who it was I had to own up and customarily after the lesson met up with his trusted plimsoll on my rear quarter, thrice I think. Many other tales I could go on about. Ah yes i remember it well! Underneath his school image I do think Harry was a decent man.